Since 1940 (or so) hot dogs have been sold 10 to a pack per the folks at Hot Dog City. It seems to me this has provided ample time for folks to get it right.

Talk about “forest and trees” – six sigma experts will show manufactures of buns how not to waste product and extract efficiencies at every corner, but who is asking them the question – the elephant in the room….

Why are you producing packages of 8 or 12 buns…not 10?

Or maybe its the makers of wieners…they should be making 8 or 12 wieners to a package. Regardless, it seems to me there has been ample time to figure this all out…

That said, no one has pushed this issue with makers of hot dogs and buns.

Remember this is no small affair… Americans eat 350 million pounds of hot dogs each year…the Council estimates Americans consume 20 billion hot dogs a year…That works out to about 70 hot dogs per person each year.

There is an embedded 20% waste factor if you were to throw away every dog without a corresponding bun…assuming folks eat some on a stand alone basis…you could still assume a waste factor of 5%-10%…this would equate to 7 million dogs wasted each year!

As my son asked, can we not figure this out?

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