Tenure in Teaching

If this doesn’t describe why tenure in teaching is inherently flawed…not sure what does…. Teacher tenure creates complacency because teachers know they are unlikely to lose their jobs. Tenure removes incentives for teachers to put in more than the minimum effort and to focus on improving their teaching. Tenure makes it difficult to remove underperforming [...]

Dysfunctional Teaching Salary Matrix

Formulaic driven salary schedule…this combined with tenure is a disaster!!!!!!!! One axis is tenure, on the other credits…we pay for tenure and credits…none of which are tied to the outcomes we are looking for – namely, quality teaching….INHERENTLY FLAWED…..


Michael Bloomberg, MBA, Mayor of New York City, was quoted in the Sep. 27, 2010 transcript “Remarks of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg at NBC News’ ‘Education Nation’ Summit,” available at schools.nyc.gov: “We’ll do more to support teachers and reward great teaching – and that includes ending tenure as we know it so that tenure is [...]

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